Developing Happy Cultures

Consulting & Coaching

Pursuing a happy environment requires commitment from the organization, leaders and employees. It could be a great challenge indeed, but it doesn’t mean that you will need Google’s popularity, Facebook’s money, or even an office slide to build the culture you want. All you need its professional guidance and support, and New Trends can offer it to you.
As your business partner, we can provide tools to cultivate Happy Culture elements in the system you are working in. The main focus is show organizations how to transform their culture with specific evidence-based practices.
Happiness doesn’t mean that every day everybody has to smile or be in a good mood. It means that companies could discover how to elevate pride in their organization, motive employees without relying on bonuses, boost creativity, promote collaboration, turn workplace colleagues in friends and family and inspire to growth and make people’s job more meaningful.
You want that, right? Of course, you do! Well, it’s time to take action and make a difference.




  • HappyLabs (Workshops)
  • Happynes Academy
  • Consulting & Coaching
  • Desining Happiness Culture



  • Risoterapia
  • Playshops
  • Measure your humor


Fun Box

Find new ways of break the routine and surprise positively your team. New Trends has a Funbox with multiple activities to involve your people and expose them to new ideas that improves their curiosity, knowledge and happiness.

  • Doodling artshop: Let us teach you how translate thoughts and abstract concepts into concrete images sparking unexpected connections and innovative ideas that save time, boost collaboration and efficiency. 
  • Happy Cooking
  • Canvas Paint Shop
  • Flashmob
  • Risoterapia (duplicado consulta en cual va)


LEGO & Gamefication



Talent Development

  • Coaching
  • Succession Planning
  • Individual Development
  • New Leader Onboarding & Transitions
  • Mentoring Program


Strategy Development

  • Strategic Planning facilitation
  • Change Management
  • Meetings Facilitations


Team Development

  • Retreat design, planning and facilitation
  • Teambuilding


Engagement & Assesment

  • Focus group
  • Interviews
  • Surveys

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