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New Trends

New Trends is a creative consulting firm that promotes happy and productive environments to resolve problems, engage people and gain competitive advantage. 

We addresses issues of human factors, organizational development and consumer behavior. As psychologist, we based or practices in positive psychology. It means that we use a science-based practices.

We have two ways of doing things:

If you need a classic service, we can be your business partner.  Our interest is to offer you exactly what you need.


If you want something creative, keep in mind that we are New Trend, we are up to date with the best business practices to incorporate them in our services. 

We have a fun box, full of creative tools that can not just help you to achieve your objective but do it in a fun and engaging way.  We use art, games and humor to transform business’ concepts into dynamic and creative experiences where people learn, resolve problems and have fun at the same time. 

With us, all services can be customized to incorporate fresh and different elements.  Challenge us! We love to think outside the box.

Happiness at work is the ability to access a wide range of positive emotions as resilience, optimism, confidence, gratitude, inspiration and self-efficacy. Happiness doesn’t mean that every day everybody has to smile or be in a good mood. It means that companies could discover how to elevate pride in their organization, motive employees without relying on bonuses, boost creativity, promote collaboration, turn workplace colleagues in friends and family and inspire to growth and make people’s job more meaningful.

With all those beneficts it is not a surprise that happy employees are more productive. Take a look to the following statistics and discover why Be happy, be creative, be outstanding is our motto.  

Ventas 37%
Satisfacción 46%
Motivación 50%
Productividad 31%
Engagement 108%
Creatividad 300%
Burnout 125%
Días Enfermedad 66%
Rotación 51%

Our Services

New Trends is a creative consulting firm that promotes happy and productive environments to resolve problems, engage people and gain competitive advantage.


Talent, Strategy and Team Development


Designing healthy and Happy Culture


Identifying employee engagement levels.

Our Speciality

New Trends  apply the best mix of creative and disruptive methods as Agile, Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play and Gamification, always with a friendly-creative attitude and a digital mindset to get outstanding results. That is exactly our specialty.


In the last years, traditional business model has open the door to new and exciting ways to  work. Incorporating game elements to business procedures is the most innovative technique to attract new talents, and develop and retain your employees.

We are certified in gamification and we are part of an international community of gamers.  If you are looking for a different way to develop your people, change behaviors or teach something try us.

We Challenge You

Step 1

Choose one of our services

Step 2

Select creative and fun tools

Step 3

Mix and discover the results

Choose among the services we offer. They are classify in three categories: culture, development & engagement and assessments.

  1. Take a look to our fun box full of creative and fun tools based on effectives methodologies as agile, microlearning, storytelling and gamification.
  2. Choose the one you would like to combine with the service you need.

Enjoy since the beginning and have fun with us making an interesting and unique solution.

You (and your team) will love the final results.

Our clients