Lego Serious Play


NEW TRENDS is certified in Lego Serious Play (LSP). This is a methodology to improve creative thinking and communication and problem solving technique for individuals, groups and organizations. It is based on a broad investigation of the fields of business, organizational development, psychology and learning.

LSP is used around the world in distinguished universities and multinational organizations such as Harvard, NASA, Google, Coca Cola and Master Card. New trends is certified in this methodology and is its official representative in Puerto Rico.

People build with Lego bricks 3-dimensional models of their ideas and tell stories about their models.

Companies around the world use it to:

  • Generate more and better ideas
  • Develop agile mindset
  • Generate unique and different solutions
  • Better decisions
  • Share visions
  • Identify opportunities
  • Analyze proposals
  • Identify emotions
  • Transform intangible concepts in 3D models
  • Generate a fun and balanced environment