Training games

Power Point is a traditional tool that can help us to communicate key ideas. But If you’re looking to shake things up, break the conventional method, and connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way, it is time to change your strategy.

New Trends develop custom, interactive and beautiful courses to catch the attention, maximize retention and improve the effectiveness of a wide range of training programs.

As Industrial psychologist we are experts building the content of soft skills, leadership and business courses, as well as transforming boring power point presentations into engaging and meaningful experiences.

We work with:

  • Storytelling
  • Interactive photos & videos
  • Microlearning
  • Games
  • Humor
  • Figures
  • Infographic
  • Mini quizzes
  • Flash cards learning

Combine our trainings with the APP Gamifiwork. It will give you more tools and makes the learning experience even more effective and fun.