We were tired of the same, so, we decided to be creative

We are tired of boring, toxic and inefficient workplaces, so, we decided to add creative elements as art, games and humor to transform business’ concepts into dynamic experiences where people learn, resolve problems and have fun at the same time. Let’s take a look to our tools.

Big Picture Painting Party

Discover a new way of recognize your staff and make recognition an outstanding experience through our great relaxing and fun paintshop.


We are specialists using humor, not just because is FUN, because it works!! We have a doctoral thesis in humor at work  (that’s not a joke). To create a FUN environment…pick our brains!


If working from home is stressing your employees and makes them miss their work environment and co workers it’s time to playshop!

Lego Serious Play

We are pioneers in the use of LSP in Puerto Rico. We use it in different scenarios as diagnostics, onboardings, Interviews, coaching, focus group, and others.

Super Algarete Recognition Game

Recognize in a different, fun and creative way with typical puertorricans words.


We are certified in gamification and we are part of an international community of gamers. Play with us!

Culture Escape Room

You already catched (acquired) the best talent in the market, but don’t take them for granted! Add action and fun to your on-boarding and engage with your new staff from day one. 


Application to optimize the learning process in a simple and easy-to-use environment, through the Gamification methodology.

Training games

Give your team learning experiences they will actually enjoy. 

Virtual Version Available